Atlantic University Brand Guidelines

To maintain consistency and professionalism, a few simple guidelines should always be followed when using our logo.

Brand Guidelines

  • Our primary logo, used for most applications, contains the wordmark Atlantic University and it should never be modified or adjusted.
  • When printed in color, color logos should appear only in the colors shown here: purple or white.
  • When printed in grayscale, our logo should be black or white.
  • Maintain legibility when reversing the logo out of colored, patterned or photographic backgrounds. When placing the logo on a colored background, it should be reversed out with sufficient contrast. Photography with too much texture creates noise and insufficient contrast for the logo to be legible.
  • Maintain sufficient open space around the logo for legibility and prominence.


The AU logo is meticulously crafted and must remain unmodified. Refer to the depicted examples for improper usage. Generally, the logo should adhere to official colors and maintain its original proportions, typeface, and design elements. Older versions of the logo are not permitted for use under any conditions. The examples shown in below are not exhaustive of potential misapplications.

  • DON'T alter the proportions of the logo.
  • DON'T change the color of the logo.
  • DON'T use an old logo. Please observe that the term “College” is present in some of these obsolete logos. Additionally, the gladiator icon has been retired and is no longer authorized for use. These logos must not be employed in any current branding or representation.

Minimum Size

When reproducing our logo, be conscious of its size and legibility to maintain it’s communicative function. Generally, our logo should never appear less than 3/4" (.75 inch) wide in printed materials, and no less than 80 pixels wide in digital materials.


The AU logo oficial purple. Here you can find the Hex, RGB and CMYK color codes

RGB Swatches

R=108 G=25 B=133
Hex Code #6C1985

CMYK Swatches

C=67.12% M=99.92% Y=8.9% K=1.12%
Hex Code #6B2F81

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For questions regarding our brand standards, please contact:

Marilyn Adorno
[email protected]
(787) 720-1022 ext.1031

Revised on 04 22 0024